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New Wikio top blog classification

Wikio logoWikio has just updated its monthly classification of the blogs. Here first in the classification general:
1 TechCrunch France
2 Loïc Le Meur
3 Versac
4 Presse Citron
5 Embruns
6 FredCavazza
7 BigBangBlog
8 Transnets
9 Mashable
10 AccessOWeb 2.0
The Hightech Top 10:
1 TechCrunch France
2 Loïc Le Meur
3 Presse Citron
4 FredCavazza
5 Transnets
6 Mashable
7 AccessOWeb 2.0
8 KelBlog
9 PointBlog
10 2803

And this month, there are new categories Gastronomie, Littérature, Loisirs and Sport in addition to the traditional categories Général, Politique and High-Tech.
To find your blog in the classification: (for that just type the name of your blog in the field corresponding to the category)

Classification general
Classification Gastronomy:
High-tech classification:
Classification Literature:
Classification Leisures:
Political classification:
Classification Sport:

Think of also placing your badge of Wikio classification on your blog! That is only done in a few minutes.

And then a little self-centredness for the end. I made a spectacular jump this month. I am 74th in hightech and 169th in general. Last month, I was respectively 292th and 1127th.

They speak about it:

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